So easy to get started!

At Digital7 Agency we make it easy to get seen in Google within just 3 easy steps

First - What makes us diferrent

When you choose Digital7 Agency; you are choosing an SEO company that is certainly diferrent. We are the only company that does not charge you a single monthly payment until you see yourself on the 1st page in There is typically a small one time setup fee that might be refundable if we do not succeed and rank you within a given time frame. 


Then you do not pay anything even if it takes us several months. Rest assure these are months you are not paying for. On the 1st of every month you will receive a monthly keyword report. This will show where you are currently ranked within Google for your choosen keyword phrases. Once you are on the 1st page only then will you start paying your monthly fee. This payment will ensure not only will you remain on the 1st page but also climb higher and higher up on the 1st page!

Third - Our Guarantee

As you have learnt you wont pay unless you rank but what happens if after severla months things are going amazing and then..."oh no! I am no longer on the front page in Google?" No problem you pause your monthly payment we do everything we can and once you are back on the 1st page  you simply continue from where you left off; it's as simply as 1, 2 and 3! 

Please call or email us asap and we will help you choose your keywords; answer any questions and get you ranking in Google in no time! 

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